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You are an artist, either professional or hobbyist, you are an art lover, you are a gallery, a publisher, or even an art bookshop: welcome on!


Use IWTBA as a new, open & efficient tool to show & sell your work
IWTBA lets you entirely free to show your works, set your own prices with your own conditions, for every medium & for every style
IWTBA enhances your online visibility: search engine optimization (SEO), qualitative display of your artist profile & of your artworks, and an easy to use, 24/7/365 store for your art
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Create your profile and include your news, upload your artworks and their information on the first open marketplace for art, share your artworks with your networks, make your followers your customers & leverage new customers from IWTBA's visitors

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Selling on IWTBA:

- Create your free profile
- No monthly charge or subscription
- When you sell a work, you receive the sale's amount directly on your PayPal account
- IWTBA's commission is 5%

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You want to live with art you love, and we want you to be happy: this is why, with, we want to emphasize what should always be the first link between an artwork and its buyer : love
You have never been thinking of buying art, or you're already an expert and want to discover new talents?
IWTBA is made for you, and proposes a quick & easy access to hundreds of artworks from all origins, of every styles, and for every budget
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Discover, buy & support new artists!

What is IWTBA's distinctive feature?

The artworks are not selected by us, they are selected by you
You like, buy, freely share the art that you like, and that inspires you

And if you lack time to explore our whole website or if you prefer to be guided in your choices, just contact us! We also provide personal advice



IWTBA wants every artist to feel welcome, and every curious person to be able to purchase artworks according his or her own tastes
IWTBA wants to open the art world
This is why IWTBA is fully open to art galleries, as major players of this world
You are limited by your walls and by fairs' constraints, or you simply want to leverage the opportunity of an unlimited extension of your sale's surface, opening hours & customers base?
extend your customers' network and sell your works online to a worldwide audience, free minded, eager for quality and novelty
IWTBA is also your lab for young talents, making it possible for you to test your new favourites on the social networks, or to discover your next artists: all you have to do is open your eyes

Let's move this world forward together!

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